Making a major career move can be nerve-wracking because of the uncertainty that surrounds situations like these. Some of us frequently end up confused or overwhelmed by the steps to take to ensure we achieve our career goals. Most often, it is at times when we’re looking to change jobs or “level up” our playing field especially in a related or entirely new industry than where we currently are. In a study done by BLS, men spend 4.3 years at a job, while women spend 4.0 years before moving on.

5 tips to help you gather, curate your thoughts and help you in your strategy while making a career move

1. Where are you?

Thinking about your current career/professional position is the first step. You need to ask yourself certain questions as regards your current situation.  Are you happy with your current role?

2. Why make changes now?

Identifying why you’re willing to alter your current course will make a whole lot of things clear; like what exactly it is you want to change or improve on. E.g. your experience level, industry, etc. Take a pen and write down your answer to this question – Why do I feel the need to make a career move at this time?

3. Plan & Research :

As soon as you have identified your why and what because your when is obviously now, make a plan on how you will begin the journey. If you’re looking to change industries, research. Find out what professionals at your level require to land jobs; how your current skills will be transferable; what teams/companies you are interested in joining; what role you will fit into if you are hired by any.

4. Connect and Connect :

At this point, you should have narrowed down a list of organizations you feel will be best suited for your not only professional and career growth but also personal development. Make it a point to connect through your LinkedIn profile (professional social media) with key persons in those organizations and start to form a relationship with them. You may hit it off as a result of shared interests be it professional or not.

5. Shoot:

Finally, you have carefully considered your why, what, when and options/opportunities available to you. Shoot your shot! Send that email accompanied by your resumé which you would have updated and ensured is alluring enough and watch your hard work pay off! Making a career move shouldn’t be as complicated as people think.

Following these 5 simple steps will help you land your dream remote job in your dream organization and have your dream career.