Maybe you’ve been applying for remote jobs this whole time, and you keep hitting a brick wall, or after a remote job interview, you don’t hear from them again. This result can be frustrating; the effect can lead to self-doubt, and you find yourself thinking maybe you aren’t qualified for the role after all. That is a lie; with just a little adjustment to how you do things, you can land any role of your choice. Here are 3 reasons why you haven’t landed your dream remote position.

1. Think of your remote job interview as a date, prepare for it:

You know the length you go to woo someone you find attractive? Approach your Interview like that, rehearse your lines, think of questions they would ask, and provide practical answers to them. Remember to look good over your video interview, and if it’s an audio interview, make sure you are audible.

Ps; Network might be bad, so find somewhere with the least chance of that happening. You wouldn’t like to repeat the answers to some questions more than once.

2. You are searching the wrong places:

As much as you want to get that remote role, some openings are a means to harvest data and not offer any job. Watch out for words like unlimited earning potential, quick money, etc. They ask you to pay for certain things, or you are given the job without an interview. Just run from these openings.

3. Your skills aren’t toilet paper in a pandemic; stop hoarding them:

You talk about everything, and you refuse to highlight how great you are at what you do. At interviews, highlight how great you are working remotely, let your interviewer know what you’ve done in the past, and how you’ve handled similar roles like a boss.