Congratulations, you passed through the screening phase, and now you have to prepare for a virtual interview.  Regardless of what the job role, acing that interview would determine if you get the job. In recent times, the use of virtual interviews for the first round of screening a prospect has increased. And due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for remote workers is significantly high. So, to get that job,  you need need to ace your virtual interview. 

You can also call Virtual Interviews, remote interviews, online interviews, and video interviews. No matter the name, as long as you are not physically present, it’s a virtual interview. 

Here are 5 Things to do before going for your Virtual interview

  • Research your interviewer 

Before you go in for a virtual interview, look up the name of the recruiting officer or human resource manager. Learn the type of person they are and their career accomplishment. If you are going through a recruiting agent, they should provide you with the recruiting officer’s name. This act would allow you to get comfortable during your interview. 

  • Find the appropriate dress code for your virtual interview

Research the appropriate dress code for the company you wish to work for. Some organizations expect their workers to dress corporately at all times, while some encourage semi-casual looks. To fit into the organization’s policy, you need to be sure of the dress code. You do not want to look unprofessional during your interview. 

  • Take note of questions to ask during your virtual interview

It is not unusual for interviewers to ask if you have any questions for them. Write down your questions on a note pad, and keep it where it can easily be accessible. By doing this, you prove to the interviewer that you’ve done your research about the company and role. 

  • Look for Somewhere with the best connection

You do not want your internet buffering during your virtual interview. To avoid this,  you need to locate somewhere in your house with the best internet service. Also, you can go to work stations with good wifi coverage to have your interview. This would mitigate the problem of a network failure to a reasonable extent. 

  • Pick out your clothes 

After you’ve decided on what type of clothes are appropriate, pick your clothes regarding that. Make sure your outfit is without a crease, it has no stains on it, and repair any tear. You want to look as professional as possible. 


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