Being a  remote content writer comes with many perks, and it is even more enjoyable when you work remotely. The freedom to choose which topic to write on and how you wish to express yourself is surreal. Regardless of these perks, a content writer needs to possess specific skills to remain relevant. 

Other than being a great writer who weaves flowery words together, you need specific skills. These are skills you will continually need to polish as you advance in your career. 

1. Strong sense of research 

Good research is vital for good content writing. It makes your work reliable and credible. No one wants to read something that puts them in more mess than they were initially. Also, no one wants to get information off a site that ends up being wrong. So make sure to get information from credible sources. Check journals, interview people, and do your homework diligently. The authenticity of information would encourage visitors to stay and revisit. 

2. Understanding SEO as a Remote Content Writer

Writing a poem or a fictional book is a different ball game when it comes to content writing. An efficient content writer must keep himself abreast of the latest trends in SEO. It is one thing to publish; it is another thing for people to find your articles when they search. As a content writer, you have to continually learn about Google’s latest algorithm and how to beat it. 

3. Meeting Deadlines 

As a content writer who works remotely, you have to be able to meet deadlines. This means you need an effective time management system. Draw up plans and little tasks that revolve around your writing process, and try to stick with it. If you are not able to deliver on time, you might lose your job before you get your first paycheque. I know you don’t want to go back to square one, so try and meet deadlines. 

4. Edit, Edit, and Edit 

Editing is as important as writing, and to be honest; first drafts are mostly shit. To be a great content writer, you have to be patient with the right eye for details regarding editing. Look out for sentence structure, spelling errors alongside passive words. Don’t be too surprised when it takes more time to edit than write. 

5. Your ability to adapt as a Remote Content Writer

Your previous remote might require you to write about cats, and your new job wants you to write about lions. You have to be able to adapt and write about different beats while still maintaining your originality. As a creative writer, this might not be comfortable, but it is a necessity.