It’s that time of the year again, with Christmas lights and jingle bells. People exchange gifts with co-workers, family, and friends. Most people who have made an impact in your life gets a gift, and then there is your remote boss. Because we interact with them through zoom calls and google docs, we sometimes forget they’re not machines. They deserve love too. So here is a compilation of gift ideas for your remote boss. Regardless of if you’ve met him or her, there is a gift for everyone. 

If you are wondering what gifts to get your remote manager this Christmas season, this list is for you. Plus, you don’t have to break the bank to afford these Items.

Gift Cards 

Gift cards are a cost-effective and straightforward way to give your remote boss a gift. You can get gift cards that do not restrict you to a particular store. As a result, the owner can use his/her preferred store. Depending on your boss’s location, you can get gift cards that are functional in their region. Amazon is a great place to get gift cards for your remote boss. 

Have Lunch Delivered

Food makes anyone happy, and it would put a smile on your boss’s face too. It might not be easy to know your boss’s favorite meal or restaurant, but you can ask subtly. A thank-you-lunch would go a long way in showing you appreciate them. Call their favorite restaurant, ask if they have a home delivery service, and place an order for your boss. What is a holiday without food? 

A group gift

You probably have met a few of your co-workers, either through virtual meetings or collaboration. Call them, or send a message to the team’s Slack group and pitch your idea. Each staff member would have a different level of relationship with your boss, and so can make adequate contributions. After doing that, you all can buy an agreed gift, and send it to your boss. 

Pay for their Subscription 

Sometimes you forget your boss is human and he enjoys the simple things of life too. You are not the only one who loves a good Netflix show after a stressful day. Therefore paying for your boss’s subscription on what he likes for a month or year, depending on what you can afford would go a long way. 

Spa session

After a long year of putting in the work, a moment to relax would feel like heaven. Booking a spa session would help your boss relax and is a thoughtful gesture. I know if I were a boss, I would love to get a spa session. Wouldn’t you? It is one of the best gift ideas for your remote boss.

So get your boss that Christmas gift. Put a smile on his face.