Despite what we see on the news and the constant talk of rise in unemployment, companies are still hiring to fill certain roles. We compiled a list of organizations, their sectors and the roles they’re recruiting for. Here is a list of African companies looking for people to fill in certain roles in their organization in January, 2021.


Industry: Health

Designing data-driven solutions to drive better healthcare services in Africa is the core of Ehealth Africa and they are doing this by ensuring that healthcare service providers are able to make data-driven decisions to improve healthcare for all.

Founded in 2009, eHealth Africa is strongly driven by the goal to provide adequate tools for everyone to be able to lead healthy lives.

Role: Deputy Director, Global Health Informatics

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Crowd force

Industry: Information Technologies and Services

Crowdforce enables businesses to penetrate markets by leveraging their extensive agent network to reach the underserved populations In Emerging markets. Crowdforce has understood the power of agent networks and are using it to provide penetrative market research and financial inclusion services to the billions of consumers in Africa and other emerging markets.

Role: Customer Service lead

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Industry: Banking

Brass is building the best banking experience to help business owners. They are building a product that is fundamental to the SMB economy, their product is designed to enable small and midsize businesses to have access to premium banking services without the charges that come with a current account.

They are new and rethinking for better everything so they can make life simpler, better for business people

Role: Business Development (sales)

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Helium Health

Industry: health

Helium Health is a full-service health tech company that provides a suite of solutions for healthcare providers, payers, and patients in emerging markets — at the core of which is our SaaS-based electronic medical records/hospital management information system (EMR/HMIS).

Founded 3.5 years ago with a vision of radically elevating the quality of healthcare across Africa, our EMR/HMIS solution has the largest reach in West Africa serving 5,000+ medical professionals as they care for over 2 million patients annually in the most notable private and public sector facilities across the region.

Role: Product Manager

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CareerBuddy & Tamborin

Industry: Recruiting

CareerBuddy is also one of the companies hiring in January. They are building multiple career development and hiring platforms across Africa and we need a sales superstar to help with product and business development. CareerBuddy wants to connect individuals looking for impactful career moves with startups and high growth organizations. They look for leaders, entrepreneurs and change makers.

Role: Sales and Growth Manager

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Fair Money

Industry: FinTech

Fairmoney is piloting a financial revolution in emerging markets. They are building the leading mobile bank for emerging markets and have a long-term vision to ensure that their solution is within the reach of millions. They are very user-centric and are consumed with using data to validate the viability of their solution to their customers. Their vision is driven by a sense of impact as they want to provide the underserved and underbanked in emerging markets with convenient access to financial services.

They are looking to work with top talent to execute this vision and are inviting you to join them in their exciting quest.

Role: Senior Capital Markets Associate

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