You were happy to get the job, and now that you’ve gotten it, you’re frustrated. No, frustrated is not the word. Every day you step into the office or pick up your laptop to work, your stomach tightens, and you get angry. Also, you don’t seem to understand why certain things work the way they do. You want to leave, but you’ve signed a contract, and you’re worried about legal actions from your employer. Don’t worry; we’ll show you how to go about terminating your contract.


The reason why you’re in the situation you’re in the first place is because you didn’t read. This might not be your favorite thing to do, but grab a chair, your contract and read. Take an exact look at the terms regarding the termination of contracts. Look for any clause you can use to end your contract. Also, find something your employer is meant to do and isn’t.

Contract allows termination

Check your contract for the terms around termination. Most contracts would need you to give a notice period before you leave. If this is the case, write down a letter noting termination of the contract. After this,when the time comes, you’re free to go.

Document issues as they happen

For every time your employer goes against their contractual agreement with you, document it. When you complain you’re not treated reasonably, you might not have substance to prove your claim. So, as these incidents occur, make sure to document. This documentation would help you when it comes to termination of contract due to unfair treatment from your employer. By doing this, you are free from your side of the contract too.

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There’s nothing a good old negotiation cannot solve. While the other options provide legal remedies, this can be a friendlier approach. Walk up to your employer, schedule a meeting or whatever the organizational standard is and renegotiate your contract. There would be some pushbacks. But you can always reach a middle ground that works for both parties.

Call your lawyer

If you’re still confused about how to go about terminating your contract, call a lawyer. Lawyers are in the best position to tell you how to go about your legal procedures. Especially if your contract is a complex one, you’d need that professional supervision.

Note that when you receive a contract, and you are not a lawyer, you are not qualified to vet it. Send it to a professional or your lawyer friend to go through. They would notice things you might have never notice.