Working from home is no longer a temporary alternative but a staple for the new wave of job applicants with specialized skill sets. The traditional nine-to-five job is no longer about long hours of a commute from office to home. Now, employers are embracing the new work setup where their employees are working comfortably in their own home.

5 In-Demand Remote Job Openings

The main advantage that so many Africans find attractive about a remote position is that they have more control over your time without being present in the office. In fact, it’s common for companies to outsource remote workers not just beyond their state but also across countries. This opens an entire pool of potential work collaborators who can have the opportunity to work with a company abroad. If you develop the right skill sets, you can land a job at any company from anywhere in the world!

In this article, we will share five in-demand remote job openings Africans can apply for if their skill set suits the requirements.

Project managers

Project managers need to coordinate with different team members to handle the execution and monitoring of several projects. Since the workforce is shifting to a mobile and remote direction, it’s unlikely that project managers will also deal with fellow remote workers. Businesses moving to this adaptive workplace environment model need project managers to create a seamless flow of communication and accountability during this transition.

Customer service personnel

Unlike the past generations, most modern customers prefer to use social media platforms or apps to interact with brand names. Understandably, traditional business owners view customer service as a resource that usually comes from call centers. However, more and more businesses are shifting from the telephone to live chat and email interactions. Because of this, there’s greater demand for tailored customer service that will vary from one company to another. You may need to research what your prospective employer’s customer helpdesk software uses if you don’t have any experience using them yet.

Community managers

Businesses need to maintain an online presence 24/7 to keep up with customer engagement and improve online visibility. Community managers handle all forms of digital platforms, from social media networks to official websites. With the increase in popularity of social media marketing, many brand owners are putting more effort into hiring people who can maintain and develop their online presence.

Virtual assistants

Although automation is a crucial aspect of modernizing business plans and sales funnels, it’s still necessary to have enough human resources to handle your clients. Virtual assistants can manage different administrative and data entry skills that mostly deal with customer management and coordination with sales reps. People in this line of work will develop diverse skill sets, from reading analytics to handling logistics management software.

Online trainers

Handling remote workers will also call for hiring online-based mentors. Being an online trainer is an excellent way to help business owners fast-track their training processes in accepting recruits. The occupations can range from the positions above to more particular positions in workflow management, such as HR or Data protection. With the right skill sets and experience, you can be eligible to apply as an online trainer to these companies in transition.


Even before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, the demand for remote workers has been steadily increasing to accommodate a new kind of workforce. This is why there are numerous job finding platforms that aim to connect specific applicant pools to the right market. It’s a system that opens diverse opportunities to employers and job applicants alike.

Jobs hosting platforms make it more accessible for business owners to meet with a specified pool of talents to outsource their employees from. At Tamborin, we connect companies with the ideal job candidates with the right credentials and capacity to handle their job openings. If you’re looking for the best work from home jobs in Africa, sign-up with us today!