In recent times, there have been changes in the office culture. The work environment has become more dynamic as more employees work remotely rather than coming into the office daily. This adjustment comes with benefits and detriments particular to each situation. 

Work from home or remote work has great benefits like the time saved from commuting to work, your very own personalized work environment and the guilt-free naps. But, it also comes with the risk of reduced productivity alongside an uneven work-life balance. Working from an office comes with routine and social interaction but involves the daily commute. So here are some tips and tricks that could help.



Remember the days when you had to get up early to commute to work. With remote jobs, your daily commute is from your bed to your workstation. The best way to keep yourself pumped up and ready for work is to stick to a daily routine. Wake up early, dress up and get into your work mode as a lack of pattern can result in you spiraling down the tunnel of unproductivity.



The office set up is to maximize productivity- the internet is fast, the power supply is steady, and distractions are hard to come by. Working from home presents you with possible distractions from your phone or TV. Setting up a great workstation and adopting the right posture can help boost your productivity. It also involves limiting all distractions while on the clock-you should let that Netflix show wait until the close of day.



When working from the office, there is a schedule for activities, like your lunch break or the 30 minutes meeting. Remote work can be overwhelming with the seemingly endless meetings, emails and calls. It is advisable to remember to take a break, eat your lunch or stretch your legs.



Quick chats are always possible when your colleagues are two cubicles away as you can quickly work on an idea or walk them through your new project. Communication when working from home requires back and forth emails, Zoom meetings, and technical difficulties. Virtual communication is easily subject to misinterpretation. Thus, try to convey your words as clearly as possible.


Social Interaction

Working from an office has the advantage of regular physical interaction with your coworkers. There is an ease to communication and collaboration as a quick stop at someone’s desk could have things resolved faster than via an email and boost productivity. Remote work limits social interaction and can pose a challenge to team bonding.


Work-life Balance

As opposed to having a definite closing time while working from the office, working from home requires you to be intentional about your work schedule. The delicate work-life balance must be maintained- shut down that laptop and put your feet up.



Whether you are going into the office or working from the comfort of your home full-time, you must consider the pros and cons and maintain the standards of your work culture. Boost your productivity, take breaks and ensure an exceptional work-life balance. 


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