The year is 2021 and the world is still recovering from the aftermaths of the coronavirus that altered our collective realities completely. 

During the process of adapting, a lot of workplaces changed their operation from on-site to remote, and what started out as a preventive measure is slowly becoming a favorite amongst people in the workforce.

Maybe things will change in the earliest future, or maybe they won’t, but if you enjoy flexible work hours, not having to deal with the hassle of commuting to and from work, then probably want to continue working remotely.

Asides from the convenience of working remotely, making enough money is also important, so we have made a list of some of the top-paying remote jobs in 2021.

      1. Graphic Designer

 Jobs that use a computer as their primary tool can be done from anywhere. If you have graphic design skills, this is your time to use that skill to your advantage, make a lot of money from it and work from the comfort of your home. 

Be it logo design, mockup creation, digital branding for companies, and businesses that you are good at, you can find clients online by joining gig communities. You can also apply to work with brands and companies- times have changed and a good number of them are realizing that a graphic designer doesn’t have to come to the office!

     2. Virtual Assistant

The four walls of the traditional office are slowly dissipating to give way to digital offices. A virtual assistant offers services that help reduce the workload of an executive or a business owner. Such services include- answering emails, doing research, writing reports, handling their schedule and keeping track of their activities, data entry, and sometimes, placing important calls.

Whilst these seem like a lot of work- it can be, it is also fast passed as well, it is very easy to understand and pick up on. Basic communication and management skills can land you a job as a virtual assistant.

          3. Product Manager

The job of a product manager is a very professional one that involves being in charge of a company’s product design, production, promotion, and branding. Think of a product manager as a project manager whose focus is streamlined to a particular product in which they are in charge.

A product manager is one that has a lot of information on the target audience of the product they are in charge of. Asides from this, you need to have communications, managerial, finance, branding, and marketing skills.

Product management requires an all-round knowledge in all the aspects involved in nurturing a product from idea inception to when it gets to the consumer.

You can work as a product manager out of the comfort of your home and make good money if you are good at it. As a matter of fact, this is at the top of the list of top-paying remote jobs.

        4. Social Media Manager

New to the list of top-paying remote jobs is social media managing. Social media managers are a new generation of tech-savvy individuals that take brands and companies to another level by building an online community/market for them or connecting them to an already existing one to increase their visibility and/or sales.

A social media manager manages online social media platforms, keeps a steady flow of quality posts, attends to comments and dms, and also monitors online trends for the ones that can be beneficial to the company/brand they work for.

The best part about being a social media manager is that with the right tools, you can manage a number of social media accounts from the comfort of your home and earn well from doing so.

       5.  UX/UI Designer

A UI/UX designer is a design professional, but unlike the graphics designer, their expertise lies in product and website development that allows for a great user experience(UX), and a user interface that is intuitive and easy to use (UI).

Have you ever gone on a website that was so confusing to use that you eventually closed it? Or bought a product whose design was so complex you had to read a lot of tutorials to use?

If you answer yes, then the companies responsible for the website and products probably don’t have a UX/UI designer.

UX/UI designers are in great demand at the moment, seeing as companies have seen the need to make their products and websites as user friendly as possible. With the right skills and a strong internet connection, you can apply for jobs as a UX/UI designer.

        6. Data Analyst

The world we live in now is ruled by data. With the right data, you can achieve a lot of things, and this is why you will find several websites and apps collecting data. 

The field of data science is the one that harnesses the power of data to cause an increase in growth, efficiency, and productivity of a company/industry; and the professionals that carry this out are called data analysts.

The job of a data analyst is one that benefits both the company and clients. When they collect and analyze data, they use the result to help the company increase their productivity and efficiency, thereby helping them to save money, and thus giving the clients more affordable products.

There is a lot of data lying around yet unmined, people are needed for that. Take advantage of this. You can also work from home and their pay is usually very attractive.

          7. Content writer

If you have a way with words, or you are capable of carrying out research on a topic and coming up with well-polished articles, then you can earn from home with this skill. In the professional world, writing has evolved from just novel writing and blogging. There are other areas you can delve into.

SEO writing, content creation, copywriting, content marketing, grant writing, and academic writing are other ways you can earn as a writer. Just find one that you are very good at and capitalize on it.

As long as you have a good computer, a stable power supply, and a strong internet connection, you can work anywhere with your writing skills.

           8. Front end Developer

Tech jobs like this are not new to the list of top-paying remote jobs. A front-end developer is like a builder, but online that builds applications and websites using tools such as HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and DOM for users to interact with.

With the right skills, you can work from anywhere in the world as a front end developer. There are numerous opportunities for front end developers out there, if you have the skills, you can earn a lot of money doing this for a living, and remotely too!

           9. Translator

Seeing this on the list sure makes you wish you paid more attention in French class in high school, doesn’t it?

If you are multilingual, working as a translator has made it to the top-paying remote jobs list, so this is your time to cash out.

Working as a translator is a cool job, and if you don’t make mistakes and you can work fast, you’ll get more translation jobs (audio or document files), and that means more money.

       10. Tutor

If you can help high school kids in other countries with studies and assignments, or if you can teach foreign students English, then working as a tutor can fetch you a lot of money.

Having a really strong internet connection is important to pull this off, mind you. You’ll also need a clear webcam and a good pair of headphones. You don’t need any specialized degree to work as a tutor, as long as you know your stuff.

In conclusion, wanting to work from home doesn’t necessarily mean you have to sacrifice being well paid. You can have the best of both worlds and it can be a truly awesome experience. We hope this list has been helpful!  

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