With adequate preparation, job hunting can be an easy feat. Your first line of attack is your resume. Switching from going in to work to working remotely also requires a few tweaks to your resume. When applying for jobs, your resume should be dynamic and tailored to the various job descriptions.

Your resume for remote jobs should highlight your work experience and transferable skills and qualifications that make you an asset to the company. If you are applying for a position but are confused about writing your resume for remote jobs, the following tips should help.


Think of the sections in your resume as building blocks. If properly structured, you get a sound building. Just like when applying for a traditional office job, your resume for remote jobs should include sections for a brief professional summary or personal statement, your skills and qualifications, and relevant work experience. These sections should highlight your experience working remotely and proficiency with virtual collaboration tools.

In your resume, you should include the right keywords from the job requirement. Some hiring managers use an applicant tracking system that screens applications based on specified parameters like keywords, work experience, and skills. Customizing your resume maximizes your chance of standing out.

Tailor-made Professional Summary

Your professional summary should be a brief section highlighting the most relevant skills and qualifications you possess. It should include words that best fit the job description and should be placed at the top of your resume to give hiring managers a quick glimpse of your work experience and the potential value you could add to their team.

Skills and Qualifications

When writing your resume for remote jobs, you should emphasize the skills most required for remote work. Typically, resumes for traditional office jobs lean towards your hard skills. Your resume for remote jobs should place your soft skills center stage.

Skills like;

Time management- highlights your ability to work with your schedule and meet deadlines.

An ability to work independently- indicates that you are self-motivated and can get the job done without constant supervision.

Good Communication Skills- showcase your ability to communicate effectively through virtual channels while working and collaborating with colleagues.

Collaboration shows that you are a stellar team player, able to work with colleagues.

Tech Savviness– demonstrates that you have the technical know-how required to work remotely. It indicates your ability to communicate and work with clients or colleagues across different channels and your proficiency with relevant platforms for collaboration like Slack, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams.

Work Experience

Your work experience should be customized to the job description and should contain the relevant experience. Your work history should include remote work experience if you have any and should highlight your achievements with quantifiable data when applicable. You can also utilize the opportunity to showcase how your skills are transferable to your work experience and helped with your achievements.

If you lack remote work experience, you should highlight the situations you handled that required the skills necessary for remote work. These can be anything from corresponding with clients to collaborating with colleagues in other locations. 

Finishing Touches

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