One of the few good things that the pandemic made people realize is that some jobs can be perfectly done in their homes’ comfort. For some people, their companies made them stay at home longer due to the government’s order to flatten the curve. Others are gradually returning to their office setup now that the vaccine is made available. 

However, for some people, the new normal setup is not yet a comfortable option. Although vaccines are already existing, new variants of the COVID-19 virus are also arising. This is why deciding to stay at home can help them protect themselves and their loved ones’ health. 

If you want to care for your family’s well-being, yet your company asks you to report to the office for work, you can always request to work from home. In this article, we will share four steps to make a successful and professional request:

Step 1: Think Through the Process of Making the Setup Work for You 

Keep in mind that you cannot simply barge in your manager’s office and request a new work setup without a solid plan. You need to make sure that the option is possible for work, and you will not sacrifice any work quality if you do so. 

For one, list down all the things that are possible and impossible for you to do at home. That way, you can propose solutions to solve the problem for all involved. Moreover, going through this step will help you appear more professional and confident to work remotely. 

Step 2: List Down Your Reasons

After thinking through your work from home setup, list down why your company needs to allow you to work remotely. Whether you like it or not, your company also has its reasons for asking you to come back and function under the new work setup. It will be best if you can convince them why you must stay at home and work remotely.

If you believe you can work more efficiently at home than in the office, include it in your list of reasons. If you have young children or senior citizens living with you, staying at home may be a better option for everyone’s welfare as well. If you feel uncomfortable with commuting to your work office, make sure to back it up with good reasons. As long as your physical and mental health is involved, your reasons are valid. 

Step 3: Draft a Formal Proposal Plan

Presenting a plan is always better than merely making a verbal request. Having a WFH setup proposal will make your manager know that you are serious about your request and have thought about all the possible scenarios and problems that could occur. 

Make sure to enumerate the potential problems that may arise from your requested setup, and present mitigation plans and resolutions if they happen. By doing this, you are preparing yourself and the company for the good and unfortunate things that could take place. This act clearly shows how well you know the setup you are requesting and how ready you are for the transition. 

Step 4: Set a Meeting With Your Manager

It is best to talk about this in person or via a video conference call instead of a voice call, email, or chat with your manager. That way, you can express your reasons better, and it will allow you to hear what your manager thinks about your proposal immediately.


When it comes to requesting a remote work setup, remember that you never know the answer unless you ask. However, do not forget that you can only get favorable results if you make yourself sound convincing and professional. Follow the steps we provided to ensure that you cover everything you need to think about the remote work setup. Likewise, letting your company think that you do not merely want to escape them will make them feel more assured about trusting you to work independently. Toptal’s article on how to work remotely and still be the best will come in handy when your request to work from home is granted. 

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