Often, the process of filling in the different roles in your company can be quite tedious because of the different processes you need to go through from start to finish.

Regardless if it’s a middle management position or an entry-level one, finding the right worker is far from easy because of all the details that need to be considered. After searching within your area, you may end up being dismayed to learn that you might not have qualified candidates locally.

However, if you’ve given up on finding a suitable candidate for your company’s job vacancies on the local level, here’s one question to ask yourself: “Have I considered hiring remote workers from Africa instead?”

Why you should focus on hiring remote African professionals instead

Today, Africa has established itself as a primary force in today’s global job economy because it has paved the way for millions of talented professionals to render their services to any company.

Whether it’s for a company that needs talented designers or a start-up that needs writers to take care of their blog, African professionals have been rendering their services to a growing number of companies worldwide. In fact, forward-thinking companies and hiring managers that expanded their horizons haven’t looked back since bringing their first remote workers on board because of the different benefits they offer. 

In the sections below, we will share the most critical benefits that will have you hopping on Tamborin to find a professional to fill your vacancies: 

1. Skills are abundant and growing

One of the most prevalent reasons companies have been opting to recruit remote African professionals to fill their available roles is that the once-widespread “skill gap” no longer exists. 

Whether it’s in the context of tech support, customer service, or marketing, remote African professionals have been able to satisfy expectations because they’re better-equipped and trained by the day. Considering that professionals are hungry to succeed themselves and constantly improving their skills, it’s easy to see why many companies have been more than satisfied! 

2. African talents are widely-available

No matter how many roles you have available in your company or how rigorous your hiring process may be, you won’t ever need to worry about running out of candidates when you start working with remote African professionals.

Currently, the rates of graduates and capable professionals in Africa are increasing every year, with most of them being available for hire. According to African Development Bank President, Akinwumi Adesina, the rise in available professionals is linked to an oversupply, saying: “with 12 million graduates entering the labor market each year and three million of them getting jobs, youth unemployment is rising annually.”

Although African unemployment rates are definitely a cause for concern in the local and national economy, they also offer a silver lining because there are more professionals for foreign companies to hire! 

3. African talents cost less (without compromising skill or work quality)

One of the most significant benefits of hiring remote African workers for your company is that you’ll get to save money on your payroll since the cost of living in the continent is lower!

While this is no excuse to underpay your available professionals, the lower cost of living in Africa makes it possible for you to hire even more competent professionals without breaking the bank. In fact, a quick search on Tamborin will show you that quality work doesn’t necessarily need to come at a premium price!


When it comes to filling the available roles in your company, things can get quite difficult if you don’t end up finding the right professionals. Thankfully, Africa is abundant with skilled remote workers that can help your business run successfully in the long run without putting you in an unfortunate recruitment predicament! 

Tamborin is the foremost resource for remote workers in Africa for businesses worldwide. If you’re looking to fill your workforce with African work ethics and talent, connect with us today to see how we can help!