The onslaught of the pandemic has caused adjustments in the work culture and an increase in remote jobs. Remote work involves telecommuting, but the distance and the lack of in-person interaction can affect camaraderie amongst colleagues. While working remotely and proving yourself, you should also interact with team members and be a stellar team player by using the tips below.


When working remotely, communication is via various channels for text, audio, and video. In the absence of body language, interpretation is subject to the receiver.

Effective communication bridges the gap between colleagues. As a team player, limit misinterpretation by making your words clear and easily understood. You can also opt for more video communication over audio or text to give a hint of face-to-face interaction.


A necessary skill for remote work is collaboration. As a remote worker, you have to work independently but be integrated as part of a larger team.  Collaboration helps to unite team members towards a vision thus, building trust and effective partnership. Interacting with team members on projects helps you develop skills and create healthy habits while getting the job done. 


With remote work, you are in charge of your time. Setting a schedule for tasks and deadlines helps to manage your time and improve your results. Sticking to your plan boosts productivity and accountability to the rest of your team. As a team player, other members should be able to trust you to move projects along. You should accept constructive criticism when given and strive to achieve the goals of the team.

Respect Work-Life Balance

Remote work can infringe on personal time. Sending out messages past work hours is not ideal as it can disrupt the work-life balance. When working with a team, be wary of sending messages or placing calls at odd hours of the day and disturbing them. You should know when to clock out and also respect your time.

Take Breaks

Your productivity affects the team as a whole. As tempting as working from dawn to dusk may seem, it can lead to burnout and a subsequent decrease in productivity. Take one for the team by taking your breaks and resting.

Team Bonding

To be a team player, you should feel like part of the team. With the interaction between colleagues now via virtual collaboration platforms, talking to colleagues on the way out of the office and conventional team bonding exercises have paused. To instill a sense of connection, some HR managers or team leads incorporate virtual team bonding sessions.

Active participation in such sessions improves your socializing skills with colleagues. It can help strengthen your interpersonal relationship and build the trust needed for future collaboration.


After preparing your resume and smashing that interview, you are a team player and an integral part of the team. With remote work, a stellar team player is trusted to get the job done without supervision and maintain a connection with other team members. As a remote worker, communication should be seamless to minimize misunderstanding. You should boost your productivity and meet the goals of the team by collaborating with colleagues. Be accountable by setting a schedule and working when you are supposed to. 

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