If you are reading this article, you already know that finding a great remote job can be very tricky. It is a well known fact that there is an increase in remote working but there are still not enough positions available for employees looking to start a remote career.

When looking for remote jobs, we tend to turn to the internet for listings and opportunities. But as much as the internet has made job hunting easier, finding remote jobs still happens to be a huge chore. But do not give up just yet. We believe that there is a hack for every chore and this is one chore we have successfully cracked.

Finding a remote job in this day and age largely depends on how you adjust your search techniques. We have put together a list of strategies that will ensure that you find the right remote job with the right company even if they aren’t advertising their openings.

Update Your Resume

At first contact, a recruiter or hiring manager will need to go through your resume to determine if you are worth interviewing. To ensure that your resume is appealing, you need to make it up to date and strategically written to fit the job you are applying for. Your resume needs to include past jobs related to the positions you would like to apply for. Remove job experiences that have nothing to do with your current career or the position you are applying for. Also remember to tailor your cover letter to suit the company’s interests and goals. 

Get Extra Training If Necessary

Companies looking to hire remote workers mostly look out for workers who are skilled in certain areas related to their field. If you have been out of the game for some time, chances are that you will need to brush up on some skills in order to excel at your job. There are many free courses you can take online to learn whatever it is your need for the job you are looking to get. Some platforms who offer a vast selection of courses in all fields are Udemy, Coursera, Skillshare and Shaw Academy. 


Tapping into your network is a key strategy for finding remote jobs. How so? People who know you are already aware of your skill set and trust you to deliver. It is easier for them to hire you to work remotely than to hire a total stranger who they do not know. But who should you reach out to for remote work and how do you do so? 

Start with talking to people who you have a cordial relationship with. Reach out to old employers, colleagues and friends who you converse with on a regular basis.

Do not fret about being a bother to them. Remember that this is a business. If they truly need your skills and services, they will appreciate hearing from you. In most cases, if they do not have a job offer for you themselves, they will be glad to refer you to someone who does.

Reach out to your LinkedIn connections, email contact list, Slack Channels etc. Ensure to make good use of Twitter and Direct Messaging. You will be surprised at how many favourable responses you will get.

Search For Unadvertised Openings

A lot of organisations who help businesses manage hiring and recruitment exist. These organisations make it easier for hiring managers to handle applications and make the interview and hiring process seamless. Tamborin is one of them. All you need to do is sign up. Once your information is captured and registered on our database, hiring managers looking to fill positions within your skill set will reach out to you.

Try Cold Emailing

This is a very common marketing strategy that works for job search. This method gives you the opportunity to pitch yourself to potential employers. If you do it right, you will impress them enough to either create a position for you or file your resume for use whenever the opportunity arises.

Do you have any other strategies you have found useful for finding and bagging remote jobs? Do share with us in the comments.