As work structure and job roles are evolving, most companies are gradually realising the need for growth marketers. Most interview questions and answers for growth marketers revolve around, ensuring that the applicant understands what it takes to grow the company.

As a growth marketer, your task will entail growing or scaling a business through customer data-driven tactics and strategies. So, no matter how the questions are coined, the end goal is to show the company that you can find the gaps and grow the brand using data through your skills and experiences.

Although questions may vary based on the industry, here are 5 essential interview questions and answers for growth marketers to expect:

1. Tell me about your experience running Ad campaigns?

The interviewer wants to test your knowledge of driving conversions through paid advertising – Google ads, Facebook ads, etc. You should be familiar with different aspects, keywords and strategies such as targeting, placements and bidding.

Your answer should highlight your experience with the ad campaigns you’re familiar with and your eagerness to learn more about it. E.g., in my previous role, I ran Google ad campaigns, testing ad variations and adjusting landing pages. I also ran Facebook ads, frequently using A/B split testing to analyse the results to make informed decisions. With this method, I was able to increase the click-through-rate from XYZ% to ABC%.

2. What competitor analysis tools have you used?

One of the invaluable skills to have is analysing competitors and finding gaps in the industry to leverage your brand. However, the real talent comes in interpreting data. So, with this question, the interviewer wants to know your level of expertise on this.

Your answer should convince the interviewer about your knowledge level through tools. E.g., a few tools I’m familiar with are Ahrefs, Alexa and SimilarWeb; however, in my current role, I use SimilarWeb to interpret and analyse the full picture of competitors. This allows me to see what they’re doing right and wrong and find the gap to achieve the desired result.

3. How would you build our email list?

The interviewer probably knows that there are multiple ways to build a company’s email list. However, some interviewers use specific interview questions and answers for growth marketers to see if you can choose strategies that will mainly work for their company. You can highlight the different options you know and then go into detail with the one(s) you think would work best for the brand. 

E.g., there are various ways I can build an email list for your brand. However, based on what the company does and your target audience, I would likely choose to use a webinar/event. I would ensure that the speakers are authorities in their niche and promote the event heavily on various social media platforms. I know that this has the potential to garner a substantial number of email addresses.

4. How do you use marketing automation to help convert leads?

Growth marketers may often have routine tasks, and pop-up projects and marketing automation help free up some time for other tasks. Companies want to know how familiar you are with marketing automation and the tools you can use to achieve it. You can mention tools like Drips or Autopilot and highlight how you can use them to achieve automation for the brand. 

E.g., I think that marketing automation helps keep marketing processes moving smoothly, and in the long run, plays a part in converting leads and retaining customers. Using the webinar I mentioned earlier as an example, I can automate a ‘thank you for signing up’ email. If someone visits the website and gives their contact information, an email can be sent to follow up. There are various other situations where automation is helpful. If these tasks were left to someone to be manually handled, it might not be as prompt. 

5. What Other Areas Can We Pivot To?

The interviewer can phrase this question in different ways. It may be relatively new to the list of interview questions and answers for growth marketers to expect. However, the pandemic took many businesses by surprise, and some companies want to know that their potential growth manager may have one or two ideas up his/her sleeves. 

While there may be no right and wrong answer, your answer should highlight your creativity while remaining within the confines of the company’s niche. It also means that you need to research the company before your interview, as some employers can use this question to sift through the tough candidates for the growth marketing role.

In conclusion, an interview for a growth marketing role gears towards evaluating your skills, and seeing how they align with your company’s goals and values. The interview questions and answers for growth marketers are coined to see your willingness to learn and your potential to be a great growth manager. 

Good luck with that interview!

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