Remote work has been around for quite some time. However, with the pandemic ongoing, it has become more commonplace. In fact, even after the virus has been addressed, we believe that remote work is going to become the new norm, mostly because many companies now realize the advantage of having a remote workforce compared to in-office workers. 

With that said, if you are interested to know facts about remote work and how it can affect a business, keep on reading.

It is an eco-friendly thing to do

Millions of workers travel to their workplaces daily to do their job. This means that vehicles such as cars, bikes, buses, and trains are running every day to get people from one place to another. Unfortunately, this means more pollution to the environment. 

With remote work, people can work from home, limiting the need to burn up energy to get to offices. In the long run, this can seriously cut down on harmful emissions, leading to a greener and safer planet to live on.

It increases employee diversity

With a remote workforce, a company is not limited to the population surrounding the company. Now, the world is essentially the source of talent for any business that offers its job remotely. This means that companies can effectively accomplish any workplace diversity goals they may have. Everything from gender to ethnicity comes a lot more varied globally than locally, allowing companies to access different talents from every walks of life.

It boosts productivity significantly

A lot of people assume that when an individual works from home, their productivity levels drop. After all, home is full of distractions, and they believe people will tend to lay back and relax more. While this may be true in some cases, studies have proven otherwise. It has been found that productivity has increased significantly when workers are remote. Mainly due to the flexibility and trust given – it results in a more productive workforce. 

 It minimizes the possibility of a missed day

When an employee gets sick or faces an emergency situation, they may be forced to miss a workday to address the problem. For remote workers, this is not much of an issue. Even if they are sick but still believe that they can work, they can get work done right at home. Of course, they are still given the option to take the day off, but for those who want to work despite being sick, remote work is truly a god-send.

It reduces the chances of employees leaving

One of the biggest problems that many companies face nowadays is employee churn. The reason behind this can vary. Some simply want to experience something else, while others look for better opportunities. However, it has been found that remote work has reduced this problem significantly. Due to the popularity of remote work, it’s becoming a must-have to retain and employ talented people that want to maintain a great work/life balance.


Remote work’s benefits greatly outweigh the risks, and if you have yet to implement remote work into your company, we highly recommend that you do so. On the other hand, if you have yet to experience remote work, be sure to try it out! 

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