Making the switch to work remotely is achievable as the increase in remote job opportunities brings the work from home dream to your fingertips. Working from home saves you the commute and allows you to remain in the haven that your home is. Your decision to work from home comes with numerous benefits alongside some realizations. The realization that your noisy neighbours like to play music on full blast throughout the day and scream while making calls. The noise can be bothersome and affects your focus and productivity. 

When dealing with noisy neighbours, you must try your best to be tactful and courteous while expressing yourself. Tips such as those below can help you manage noisy neighbours and improve the environment you need to work from home. 

Attempt a Noise Cancellation Strategy


1. Invest in quality noise cancellation devices

You can employ the use of quality noise-cancelling headphones or earplugs that block out the noise and allow you to concentrate


2. Set up a designated area as your home office

Another way to reduce the effect of noise on your productivity is by setting up your home office in a quiet space in your house. It helps to minimize distractions and provides you with the ideal environment to get your job done. Need help figuring out how to set up your home office? Check this out.


3. Soundproofing Your Office

Soundproofing your home requires the liberty of making renovations. Research soundproofing options available to you and incorporate the most suitable in your home.

Attempt Effective Communication

Chances are, your neighbours are unaware that the music is too loud and is disturbing your focus, affecting your productivity and making you shout during all your meetings. Dependent on your relationship with your neighbours, you should choose the most appropriate communication channels to inform them and lodge your complaint.


1. Via Text. 

You can shoot them a quick text to inform them that you find the noise distracting and ask them to please keep it down. You can also send a text as a reminder whenever the noise becomes bothersome.


2. Face to face interaction

You may also inform your neighbours in person about how disturbing the noise is. With physical interaction, you should explain your situation without attacking the person or being passive-aggressive. You should present your complaint and give them a chance to respond.


3. Enlist Help

You can enlist the help of other neighbours going through the same situation and find a collective way to help each other out by approaching the neighbor and stating your grievances. You can also organize a meeting with the landlord if the noisy neighbours prove difficult or fail to see reason.

Avoid Mounting an Attack

Paying your neighbours back in kind might seem like a great idea, but your attempt at pettiness can leave you distracted and with a banging headache. Resist the urge to respond and prevent getting frustrated. Avoid a confrontation by having a conversation.


Noisy neighbours cause distress and can hamper productivity. Manage your situation by utilizing a noise-cancellation strategy that helps to block out the noise. Avoid confrontation by communicating effectively and make your environment conducive to boost productivity as you work from home.

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