Working remotely is arguably one of the best things that have happened in the history of jobs. It has so many advantages, but there is also the ‘out of sight, out of mind’ factor, which is a huge disadvantage. How does one hope to stay visible while working remotely?

Career-oriented people usually have career goals they are working towards. For a number of them, some of those goals include- career growth, making meaningful contributions to the company, and having valuable connections. A remote worker can do all of these, but because they are not in the same physical space as their superiors, it might be a little bit more difficult for them to be noticed and make the kind of impact they seek to further their career goals.

But it doesn’t have to be out of sight, out of mind, and you can still be visible while working remotely by following these tips.

1. Be good at what you do.

This is non-negotiable if you want to get noticed. The fastest way to put yourself on the radar of your bosses is by doing your job well. Be that person that takes initiative, meets deadlines, and goes above and beyond to complete their tasks with finesse. Be good at your job, and be good at doing it remotely. (Those two are different things.)

2. Use your words

Suppose you are the type that doesn’t say anything during meetings, preferring instead to hear other people talk. In that case, you will be doing yourself a great disservice as this is not an excellent strategy to help you stay visible while working remotely.

A good approach will be to voice out your opinions during meetings, ask important questions, bring up an important point, or contribute a meaningful suggestion. By doing any of these, someone is bound to remember your contributions.

3. Let your presence be felt.

It is easy to hide behind your laptop, with your webcam turned off during meetings, and only occasionally unmuting your mic to say something or answer a question. 

But if you want your presence to be felt at every meeting like it would be physically, then you have to work on your virtual presence. Sometimes, turn your video on during meetings, especially when you are speaking. Let your voice be confident while you speak. Instead of talking all through a presentation, share your screen with everyone and show them slides and graphs you worked on to buttress your point.

You have to be willing to take an extra step if visibility is your goal.

4. Communicate with your colleagues

Getting your bosses’ attention is not the only thing you need to stay visible while working remotely. You also need your colleagues to know who you are. For example, if one of them is asked, “Who was in charge of xxx project?” you want them to respond with your name, not refer to you as “some guy”.

Schedule one-on-one meetings with colleagues and team members to discuss your tasks, ask them questions when you are stuck, and send them praises when they accomplish something. Willingly offer to help them when you have some free time, or share tips you find online or those that have worked for you with them.

And don’t forget to ask simple questions like “How are you doing?” and “Did you have a good weekend?” If you are genuine, it shows that you care, and they’ll probably feel more relaxed while communicating with you.

5. Follow up on meetings.

If you miss a meeting, ensure that you talk to your coworkers to get all the details from the meeting. 

For those meetings that you attend, follow up with the right people afterwards to ensure that you have the correct details and have the correct steps going forward. This removes the possibility of you misconstruing anybody and makes your work easier. 

These tips might seem like small things- or maybe not, but they certainly go a long way in putting you out there in a remote work setting. We hope that you find them helpful as you try to make yourself more noticeable at work.

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