Transitioning to working from home comes with a few changes, but those changes should not include a reduction in your salary. Negotiating your salary for a remote job is necessary as you should know your worth and let that guide your discussion.

You might be uncomfortable bringing it up but, adequate research and preparation help. Below are some tips to guide you on your path to negotiating for your salary for remote jobs.

Know your Worth

Evaluate your skills and experience and inform them of how befitting you are for the role. Discuss how you handled things in your previous position and how much of a valuable prospect you are. 

Do not assume that your previous salary should be your new salary. Your skills and experience should help boost your confidence and your salary level.

Do your Research

When negotiating for your salary for a remote job, you should do your research. Your research should cover the industry, role, and location.

Research how much people in the industry and role earn. You can check out competitors in the industry and find out how much they pay for similar positions. Check connections on LinkedIn for people who work for the competitors and ask them questions concerning the median pay.

Location is another factor to consider. If the job is not in your country, find out how much the pay is in the region or how much companies pay in yours. Properly conducting your research gives you enough leverage during your negotiation.

Appropriate Timing

Try to get the company’s figure first. Do not assume on their behalf as you could be potentially short-changing yourself. Get their offer and decide if you are satisfied with it or would like it higher.

Remember Benefits and Costs

Working from home comes with certain expenses that you should acknowledge when negotiating your salary for a remote job. Discuss benefits like; health insurance, professional training, and certification. 

An email template on how to negotiate your salary for a remote job

Dear (name),

Thank you for considering my application for (the role) and for extending an offer. I am delighted by the prospect of working at (company’s name).

However, I would like to discuss the proposed salary before accepting the offer, and I am open to suggestions that work for both parties.

Upon extensive research on the role and what it entails, I would be more agreeable with the offer at a salary of (insert figure).

I have considered the following factors;

  1. Highlight the relevant skills and experience you have and the valuable contribution you can make
  2. Validate your request by mentioning the industry rate based on your research.

Joining (insert company’s name) is a great opportunity, so I hope we can reach an agreement soon.

If you need further clarification or information from me, do not hesitate to reach out. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Thank you.

Kind Regards,

(Your Name)


When negotiating your salary for a remote job, know your worth, do your research, and be confident in your skills and experience.

If the salary is less than you expect after negotiation, you should walk away from the offer and continue your search. 

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