Before you begin to apply for remote growth marketer jobs, it is essential to understand your role as a growth marketer. You also need to know what skills you need to become a successful growth marketer.

A growth marketer designs and conducts experiments to optimize and improve a specific target area’s results fully. As a growth marketer, you make use of systematic processes such as A/B testing and multivariate testing to increase the metrics of a target area before putting out a product. Your role as a growth marketer also requires you to develop experiments that show what content is seen by different user segments and when such content is seen. The data collected from this experiment will now be used to develop optimized strategies for each user segment.

Some skills you need to become a successful growth marketer are:

A/B Testing Skills

This is an easy and effective testing style used by a lot of startups. As a growth marketer, you need to be able to provide improvements driven by experiments for your organization. This is why you need to know how to conduct A/B testing properly. You need to be able to understand basic concepts of statistics like sampling, statistical significance and confidence intervals. Some simple tools that can help you get started with A/B testing skills are Visual Website Optimizer and Optimizely.

Web Scraping Skills

Web scraping is an automated collection of data on a large scale from a website. Relevant data collected from websites are very useful to growth marketers. When you know the right ways to go about web scraping, you will collect relevant data that can help with keyword research for SEO, competitor analysis, product information etc. A great way to use web scraping to get relevant keywords is by using the data gathered to figure out what keywords your competitors are targeting for their SEM. Once you have that, you can use keyword generator tools like Scrapebox to get several other similar keywords that your target audience will likely search for.

Product Analytics Skills

Your job as a growth marketer involves collecting, analyzing and using insights gotten from data. This is why you need product analytics skills. Well analyzed data makes your work transparent and improves your value as a growth marketer.

Having an in-depth knowledge of product analytics allows you to develop an exclusive understanding of users, and you will be able to better personalize their experiences based on this.

User Experience Skills

Most times, user experience is seen as a designer’s cup of tea and something that should not be a concern of growth marketers. However, user experience is more encompassing than that. It has a lot to do with the way your emails, landing pages and customer service interacts with your customers. If not properly executed, it can affect the overall outcome of your product. This is why every growth marketer needs to have knowledge of UX design in order to be able to have an input in the user-facing aspects of the product design.

There are lots of remote growth marketer jobs available now. Once you are able to learn and perfect these skills, you will be more confident in your career as a growth marketer and will easily bag that dream job you have been looking for. Click here to get updates on remote job openings.