The world we live in now is highly data-driven, and the need to constantly analyze these data is rapidly growing. This need has also birthed the need for remote data analyst jobs. The role of data analysts requires them to collect large dataset and perform technical statistical analysis.

Data analysis is quite encompassing, and you require specific skills to thrive well in this field. Due to the high demand for data analysts, individuals considering to be on this career path must effectively equip themselves with the necessary skill set to perform exceedingly well.

Let’s divide the skills to become a successful data analyst into technical and soft skills.

Technical Skills

Programming Language: 

A programming language is simply a code that interpretes data and can also help in the manipulation of data. Although it’s better to know different programming languages, you have an edge when applying for remote data analyst jobs when you’re proficient in at least one programming language. Examples of programming languages include – R, Python, c++, Java etc. 

Structured Query Language (SQL):

This language is a bit more complex, and data analysts who need to deal with large data sets should thoroughly understand it. It is also used for data management and manipulation.

Microsoft Excel: 

Microsoft Excel is a versatile and handy tool. While different people may use it for several other things, Excel is the most widely used software for analyzing data in varying datasets. When applying for remote data analyst jobs, interviewers want to know that you are well-versed in Excel. Data analysts can use its other advanced functions like VBA lookups and Macros Excel to go a step further.

Data visualization: 

Although there are programs used to interpret this picture correctly, data analysts need to point out any data errors. They also need to create a picture of what inference would come from the data analyzed.

Machine Learning: 

While machine learning may not be familiar territory in data analysis, it’s a great way to bring your ‘skill A-game’ for remote data analyst jobs. Insights in machine learning will give you an edge.

Soft skills

Presentation and Communication Skills:

A significant aspect of analyzing data includes providing detailed and accurate information to the company. Data analysts need to be able to break down data insights in terms that stakeholders can understand. The ability to interpret data while carrying your audience or clients along with is essential. Although this skill works hand in hand with data visualization, it’s also a great standalone skill.

 Critical thinking and problem-solving:

Thinking out of the box is a skill that allows data analysts to understand how to manipulate and interpret data properly. Data analysts are solution providers and the first step to finding a solution to understand the problem. When team meetings come into play, a data analyst would need to solve the problem while participating in the discussion effectively.

How you conclusively decide to hone these abilities will depend on your existing background, goals, and time and resources you are willing to commit. You can sign up on to have access to resources and well-curated remote tech jobs.