Being one of the most seamless content management software makes WordPress desired by most companies. It is now widely used, and the creation of WordPress developer jobs is increasingly growing day by day.

Every company is looking to hire the perfect WordPress developer. However, in the end, talented developers will need to display a combination of skills. Such as programming skills, soft skills and an understanding of UX/UI best practices.

Whether you’re looking to get remote great WordPress developer jobs or you’re interested in just staying ahead in the industry, these skills will help you.


As a WordPress developer, CSS and HTML are great should-haves. One forms the website’s framework, while the other forms the design of the website. HTML is the markup language that determines how a site’s web pages will look in the browser. According to Solwininfotech, it takes about 15 to 25 days to become an HTML expert while spending 7 hours a day. CSS controls the way all the design elements and other web-related elements appear on the webpage. Therefore having CSS or Cascading Style Sheets knowledge is essential to becoming an expert WordPress developer.

Backend Skills

Also known as the wp-admin or WordPress admin area, developers use the backend to define the website’s admin area – creating content, installing plugins and managing the design settings. The skills needed for this area include the PHP – HyperText Preprocessor for server programming and MySQL basics.


Coding from scratch can be very exhausting. So, it makes your job more manageable if you know how to use software that helps you backup. When applying for remote WordPress developer jobs, interviewers want to know that you won’t lose their data. Github provides storage services, allowing you to back up your code in a cloud and use it when necessary. 

Basic photoshop skills

Photoshop is an essential WordPress developer skill to learn in the year 2021. It’s also a skill that can come in handy in your developer career journey. WordPress developers can use Photoshop to design themes, colour schemes, and the website’s general outlook. Although theme developers for WordPress need to know how to convert PSD files to HTML and input them on the website, there are tools to use.  

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

WordPress operates efficiently with search engines, increasing the visibility of the website you’re creating. Your clients will definitely appreciate a visible webpage that attracts more viewers, readers or customers. So, developers who have basic knowledge of Search engine Optimization will have an edge while applying for WordPress developer jobs. WordPress developers can optimize the search engine from the settings panel in the site’s Admin dashboard and use available customization options to supplement necessary elements to boost rankings.

Learning how to become a WordPress developer may seem out of reach if you’re new to the field. However, designing and web development are constantly evolving and you just need to be open to learning. A solid WordPress developer will understand how to create consistent user experiences that keep up with these changes.

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