“Today I am going to clear out all the tasks I left pending last week! No distractions! No laundry! Just work!”.

Do you sound like this sometimes? Have you found it challenging to create a balance as a remote worker? Or do you want to feel comfortable while working from home? 

Let’s take a deep yet friendly dive into how you can work from home comfortably.

How Can I Work From Home Comfortably?

  1. Take Care Of Your Body

Remember when you had to wake up early, get things done quickly and head out?!- Well, working from home takes off that pressure. But it can get problematic when all you do is walk about in your pyjamas all day, have a cup of coffee on your desk and work round the clock.

So, what can you do to take care of your body?

We recommend you slowly ease into your work mode for the day. Take a shower, comb your hair, put on a bit of makeup (it’s essential for the video calls).

Get dressed up; you don’t have to wear a suit, but don’t stay in your pyjamas. These activities will send signals to your brain, adjusting it to the action of the day- work!


      2. Don’t ignore your body’s cues.

If you feel aches or pain, then something is not working right. In the words of Susan Hallbeck, “you can’t be productive when you’re in pain.”

  • Invest in an ergonomic chair or a back-support pillow to strengthen your spine. Use the right work tools to prevent “microtraumas.” The aftereffect of their bite can be disastrous! 


      3. Eat What Your Body Needs.

Everyone knows the most incredible perk of remote work is- access to the kitchen! No more boring cafeteria food or unhealthy snacks.

During your lunch breaks, fill up with food your body needs, vegetables, fruits, nuts, and healthy choices. Unlike unhealthy snacks, those choices will give your body what it requires for maximum productivity.

Remember, you are what you eat!


      4. The power of sunshine

Most office spaces are confined and screened, so you can only get sunshine when commuting to work. 

When you work from home, you can switch things up. After all, you are your manager. Where possible, you can set your workspace close to a window to allow for more natural light.

You can use light lamps; this takes away the constant exposure to blue light from your computer screens. Do not underestimate the power of sunshine. It influences your stress levels, even your mood.