“I am ready to go back to work”! 

Are you a stay-at-home mom? Have you gotten to the point where the above words keep resounding in your head?

To show support and celebrate International Women’s Day this month, we have curated tips and suggestions that will fortify you for your ” come back” into the workspace. Grab a pen, and let’s get started!


9 Tips To Kickoff Your Career After A Work Gap

  • Be Clear On Your Goals

What do you hope to achieve? What sort of work do you seek? Do you need a career role that gives you opportunities to grow your career over time? Or do you need a paycheck?

Your response to these questions is crucial in defining your perspective. Clear goals will help you streamline your job applications to the best fit.

  • Reconnect And Rebuild Professional Networks

Once you consider returning to the workplace, start building your professional network.

Get in touch with your former employer, colleague, and alumni associations. They will help you with suggestions and recommendations- who knows, you might land that job faster than expected.

Leverage on social media; consider updating your LinkedIn profile. Clean up your accounts- anything you don’t want your potential employer to see doesn’t belong on your page. Consider making your account private.

  • Resume Revamp

In your resume, keywords that match the job description will grant you a pass from the computerized applicant tracking systems (ATS). Research on industry requirements, and structure your resume accordingly.

A format rearrangement is in order; while you don’t want to hide your career gap, take attention off it by using a functional resume format. It is imperative your resume design is relevant, highlights your skills, and downplays your work gap. If you freelanced during the time away, bagged a certificate, etc., ensure you include these details.

  • Show Proactiveness With A Certification or Portfolio

Industries in the IT or Finance sector are constantly evolving. You need to learn new skills before re-entering the workspace. Whether online or in-person, a certification course or working on a project can bring you up to speed with recent developments.

Certification will show your potential employer you are proactive. It might even give you an edge over a candidate without a work gap but no evidence of self-development.

  • Prepare For Your Interview

You finally found a job that fits perfectly, great!- Get prepared.

Do your due diligence; you don’t want to seem lost and behind time. Familiarize yourself with trends and developments applicable to the industry. Please do your homework and own that interview!

Practice! In the shower, while doing the dishes, preparing the kids for school, prepare! Ask your friends or spouse to prepare a mock interview for you. Read up on potential interview questions.

  • Be Honest About The Career Gap

Why is there a long gap between your work history? 

Be prepared for this question, don’t try to hide the career gap or feel embarrassed about it- making sacrifices for the sake of family is admirable.

Your work history isn’t a straight path, don’t apologize. Exude confidence and positivity. Please state the reason for the gap briefly and steer the employer to your skills that benefit his organization.

  • Update Your Wardrobe

Ensure you look smart when you show up for your interview. Invest in clean, simple work attire that fits and portrays seriousness.

Your appearance matters- look professional! Rest well the night before your interview; tired eyes and a dull face are a no-no.

  • Be Open-Minded

The road to getting a job is not always an easy one. So, be open-minded.

Can you take up a temporary role? Do you think you can transfer your skills to a different industry? Have you thought of the possibility of freelancing? Do not be afraid to shift roles when applicable; they might open unexpected doors.

  • Support System

Keep in mind the benefit of advice, insight, and camaraderie of persons who were once in your shoes. They will give you the strength and energy you need to keep pushing on those bad days.


Re-entering the workspace after a break in your career is daunting, but it is not impossible. Women rise to the occasion when they have to, and if it means taking a step back from work and returning more resilient than ever- by all means, do it!