Coding boot camps are an excellent way to get started in software engineering. The boot camp experience serves to jumpstart careers in tech within a short period of time, and for this reason, are usually intense. This list highlights some global tech boot camps that are highly rated in developer communities. 

1. Coding DOJO

Coding DOJO is a place to jumpstart your new career in just 14 weeks. You can take up the courses online (part-time), or you can choose to take up the courses on any of their ten campuses. Their alumni work at companies like Amazon, Apple, Google, and the likes. They have different courses for software development, data science, mobile development and also have MIT boot camps for innovation.

2. Le Wagon

It is not just all about technical skills, Le Wagon boot camps teach you the right skills needed to thrive in the competitive digital world. There are full-time and part-time courses for software development and full-time courses for data science. Many students who graduated from these boot camps have successfully launched their start-ups. Some top companies that hire Le Wagon students are Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Paypal, Uber.

3. Ironhack

Ironhack provides intensive boot camps in Data analytics, UX/UI design, and web development. They recently started the option for live remote boot camp due to COVID-19. Students from Ironhack have been placed in top companies like Google, Twitter, Orange, Capgemini, Twitter, BBC, etc. Ironhack has a vast network that connects all its campuses to provide a wholesome experience.

4. The Tech Academy

Tech Academy boot camps are full-stack, well-rounded, and teach the latest programming languages based on industry requirements. Students have the option to learn online, attend in-person classes, or take up hybrid training, i.e., a combination of online and onsite training! Students can choose their schedules and move at their preferred speed.

5. Epicodus

Epicodus’s curriculum is designed in a way to ensure you learn the most critical skills that land you your dream job. They guarantee a job and give you an option to pay only when you land a job! Epicodus offers affordable classes that prepare you for real-world competition through the necessary technical as well as soft skills. Some companies that recruit from Epicodus are Github, Site-cast, LivingSocial, Cloud ability, etc.

6. Thinkful

Thinkful provides one on one mentorship and guidance. You can choose study schedules as per your choice. Their students are hired by big companies like Google, IBM, Amazon, WalmartLabs, Boeing, etc. There are immersive as well as flexible courses for software engineering, digital marketing, data science, and more.

7. General Assembly

General Assembly provides expert coaching for individuals as well as companies. Their intensive courses are now available online due to the current COVID situation. They also offer various discounts on the fee, as the catalyst program, low-cost payment plans, discounts for women, etc. Some of the top hiring partners of the General Assembly are Microsoft, Google, Visa, Amex, and many more. They also conduct free events from time to time.

8. Springboard

Springboard provides specializations in different domains of data science along with a a job guarantee. Apart from the technical skills, springboard programs also impart on-demand life skills with your mentor and student advisor. Springboard students are hired by companies like Samsung, Google, Salesforce, VISA, IBM, etc.

9. NYC Data Science Academy

NYC academy offers not only technical boot camps but also professional development courses and corporate training. The academy is focused on data science and offers intensive online and live boot camps through the best team of instructors. Some of the firms that have successfully recruited candidates from the academy are Samsung, Pfizer, Barclays, Facebook, Google, Morgan Stanley, and many more.

10. Bloc

Bloc programs are not just for beginners but also for experienced developers who want to up-skill themselves. They offer three levels of programs for jobs in web and software development. Bloc also offers complete career guidance with one-to-one coaching for technical interviews, resumes, Github and LinkedIn profiles. They have an extensive employer network.

11. CareerFoundry

CareerFoundry programs are online and offer flexibility in the study as well as payment options so that you can focus on the curriculum. Students from CareerFoundry are placed in some of the top companies like PayPal, Skype, Yahoo, Netflix, and more. You can take up any of their free courses to get a fair idea of how the classes are conducted and the curriculum they offer.

12. Microverse

At Microverse, students learn through a very unique approach — by pair programming and collaborating with other students in real-time just as they would with colleagues of a distributed company. We see that this approach not only provides students with an accountability partner and a large global network of support but also helps them learn remote workflows and acquire the collaboration and communication skills necessary to join a global company.

13. Flatiron School

As a leader in the tech Bootcamp industry, Flatiron School believes that education is the best investment you can make in your future.Their programs provide an immersive, outcomes-driven curriculum for students looking to launch a career in software engineering, cybersecurity, data science, or product design. Courses are offered both online and in-person.

14. Codesmith

Codesmith’s Software Engineering Immersive program is an advanced residency designed to help individuals launch a meaningful, high-level career in Software Engineering. Codesmith offers a 12-week Full-Time Immersive in both onsite and remote settings, as well as a 38-week Part-Time Remote Immersive. In addition, Codesmith offers a variety of other resources from free beginner workshops, part-time prep courses, CSX learning platform, and an endlessly supportive community.


15. Alchemy CodeLab

Alchemy Code Lab is a software development training program that will help you advance your career or start a new job in tech. Alchemy is designed to help students get mid-level jobs as software developers. They work closely with students and top tech companies to give you the skills, professionalism, and connections you need to succeed. It will also help you with job hunting.