Congratulations! You did it! Now you can kick off your career after a long break from work.

You are undoubtedly excited about your job role and responsibilities. But you might be nervous about how to strike that needed balance between the home front and your new job.

Please do not fret; we got you covered. As a sequel to helping you prepare for your work “come back,” this article will give you tips to be at your best at work and home. 

To create a work-life balance as a returning mum, you need to give yourself time, create a trustworthy care system for your kids, schedule your time, Set boundaries, and most importantly set aside time for yourself.

How To Create A Work-Life Balance As A New Work Mom

  • Give Yourself Time

Yes, we know you have been out of the workspace for a while, and you want to prove yourself- take it easy, tigress!

No rule says you have to get it right the first day or the first couple of months.

Live through work one day at a time. Put in your best, but if you make mistakes along the way, accept them, learn and move on. With time, you will become comfortable in the workspace- count your wins no matter how little.


  • Build A Trustworthy Childcare System

Your productivity level will be through the roof when your mind is at peace. Hence the importance of a childcare system you trust.

When available, family members can take turns in helping out with the kids- daddy, granny, all hands should be on deck.

If you decide to use a nanny or take your kids to creche, it’s advisable to start introducing them to your kids well in advance. Don’t just bring a nanny to your child the morning you are rushing off to work. You can hang out with both of them a week before the job resumes, so your child gets used to the new face. 


  • Always Set Boundaries 

Boundaries are protective rails; they keep your activities in check and help you strike a balance.

Speak to your employer about your time boundaries. If you would like an earlier closing time so you can pick up the kids, then ask for it- your employer might grant your wish. Avoid answering work calls during family time. Keep devices away from you if possible. 

While setting boundaries, do not be sloppy. Ensure you make up for the time by delivering work aptly. 


  • Schedule Your Time

Now that office work has begun, every second of your time is priceless- make it count.

Create a to-do list of all your activities. It can include preparing for a client presentation, going to the grocery store, or taking your kids to their games after school hours. Ensure it all comes up on that list; it’ll help you plan better.


  • Communicate Properly 

If you are part of a team or work remotely, learn to communicate appropriately. Inform your team leader of your availability for an after-hour client meeting, whether physical or virtual.

Do not be afraid to reject tasks that exceed your work hours. If you can take it up later in the week or the next day, politely ask your colleague to schedule it for a different time.


  • Always Seek Help When Necessary

Nobody is an island; sometimes, balancing work and family can be overwhelming. Willingly seek advice from other parents who have been in similar situations.

Find support groups that can be your safe space where you can express your fears and frustrations- it’ll help blow off steam. 


  • Set Time Aside For Yourself

Did you blink at that heading in disbelief? – relax, Mom; it’s not impossible to create time for yourself.

While you run around to make sure everyone and everything around you is pitch-perfect, don’t forget you need to replenish your energy.

So, take some time off for yourself. It must not be a fancy vacation. A few hours to breathe is not a bad idea.

Eat well, take some time off to curl up, read your favorite book or watch that new movie. 


Make out needed time for yourself; you don’t want to burn out from stress. 


Having a work-life balance as a Mom is possible today. Bring out your best and take charge of your duties. International Women’s Day has been a spectacular one. The articles for this week aim to support Moms to break the bias and return to the workspace to build their careers.