I was having a team meeting yesterday and someone mentioned imposter syndrome, I remembered that I used to battle with this until I made a conscious effort to work on myself.

Are you in the category of people that wonder about these thoughts?

  • Do I deserve this opportunity?
  • I didn’t create this myself
  • I got fortunate right?
  • Will they accept me?

At some point, we have felt this way about our accomplishments, creations, or successes. That feeling of inadequacy or sheer fortune stems from imposter syndrome.

If you battle with Imposter syndrome, you are not alone, and it’s possible to fight it and win. 

Let’s discuss a few tips that you need to arm yourself.


Tips To Help You Fight Imposter Syndrome 

  • Determine Your Triggers

Determining what your triggers will prepare you in advance. Do you get scared when a new role is assigned to you? Do you feel inadequate because of your sex, origin, or appearance?

Once you know what sets you off, you will be in a great position to tell yourself that you deserve what you have achieved. 

  • Being A Perfectionist Should Not Be Your Stumbling Block

As creative inspiration is necessary, you need to feed your mind to create something beautiful.  

Don’t be afraid to fail or make mistakes; it is a massive part of the process. You don’t have to delay or procrastinate a task because you want it to be perfect. 

Procrastination will only waste your time and give you more room to feel inadequate- so, don’t engage, get working as soon as possible. 

  • You Are Not Alone

It’s easier to brace up for a battle when you know you are not standing alone. At some point, lots of people have imposter syndrome, even those you think are too good for that. 

Maya Angelou, Emma Watson, Neil Armstrong are notable people, ingenious, yet they have felt the same feelings as you have. 

It doesn’t matter if you are the youngest or newest member on your team; whatever the case, do your best to carry out your duties diligently. 

The good thing about those notable people is they never stop fighting- you shouldn’t as well, keep at it, soldier.

  • Change The Voices In Your Head

The voices in your head are thoughts, not reality. They are more potent when you feel overwhelmed or depressed.

So, when you feel you don’t deserve praise, a recommendation, or a promotion-change narrative in your head.

Tell yourself why you deserve it, you put in the work, it’s only natural you gain benefits.  

  • Humility or Fear- Draw The Line

There is a thin line between Humility and fear regarding imposter syndrome.  Humility is an excellent quality that keeps you in check; you exude confidence without arrogance. It’s not a crippling feeling, unlike fear, that makes you stuck.

Therefore, don’t be stuck in an emotion that holds you back from counting your wins and seeing your achievements. 

  • Keep Account Of Your Wins

Whether big or small, keep account of your achievements. Take those little joys or accomplishments and store them for those days when you feel you aren’t good enough.

Keep a folder of your happy days on your device, draw up a “win-board”- you’ll need it for the sad days.

Imposter syndrome makes you feel you don’t have a role in your success like it doesn’t belong to you. Always remember that negative thoughts will keep you stuck- make a conscious effort to keep moving.

  • Say YES To Opening New Doors 

Unless you have genuine reasons, like a tight schedule, do not be afraid to embrace new opportunities. 

Don’t worry about pulling it off; accept the recommendation and learn on the job. Besides, if your boss recommends you, it shows you are doing a great job and doing more.

Do not shy away from greater heights.

  • Embrace Imposter Syndrome 

Yes, embrace your fears. There will always be bad times; accept it instead of seeing yourself as worthless.

Imposter Syndrome affects your mind negatively. Find your peace and manage it actively by taking the tips entwined earlier.


Your fears won’t just disappear in the twinkle of an eye; take your time developing and evolving. Trust the process of getting better, most importantly- take action.